Drag Hose

Quande DragFlex is one type of through-the -weave polyurethane (PU) covered hoses. DragFlex is made from 100% high tenacity synthetic yarn circular woven and covered thoroughly with high performance PU compound, that is achieving excellent protection against mechanical damage. Special manufacturing process create thick and smooth cover and super adhesion between layers ensure endurability during life time of this type of drag hoses.

Drag hose

Application: Suitable for use and recommended for manure tranfer as a drag hose etc.

Inner tube and cover: Smooth PU cover and tube. Reinforcement: Circular woven polyester jacket

Operating Temperature Range: From -60° F to 176° F (-50° C to 80° C)

Standard Color: Red, Ovliver green and other colors available per request

Standard Length: 200m, 400m, and other lengths available per request;

DragFlex specificatioin